It's 40 degrees. I dress sensibly, and am happy about it.
Here I am exploring new ground, looking for doggies and squirrels.
I'm one now. I have big plans!
Walking- The better way to get around
Yep. All set to be a corn-fed Wisconsin Girl.

July 22, 2006

Fun in New Jersey! I got to visit daddy's family, swim, and meet my cousins. We had lots of fun, except next time I'll take the train.

April 26, 2006

WAAAAA-HOOOOO!!!!! Now I'm moving forward! Yep, today was it. I was up on all fours and moving one knee in front of the other! Now I can get at all that stuff that has been just out of reach! Mommy got really excited and called it "crawling"... whatever that is. I just know my quest for world domination has begun...

April 20, 2006

Reesa (a.k.a. Reesaline, Teresa and Jellybean) is the youngest of the Karamanski Monona clan. She is into mouthing everything she can get her mouth onto, and really enjoys a good game of peek-a-boo.
Reesa would like you to know that these photos are representative of her temperment most of the time. Except for those times when she's fussy.

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